Graziano's Pizza Restaurant, Colton, California.


COVID-19 Response

Updated 05/25/2020 (any violation to the rules will result in No-service)

For Customers:

  • Dine in is Available with lower capacity (66 total).
  • Curb-side and Delivery are available (Order ONLINE).
  • Face Covers need to be worn when customer is ordering on the register or waiting to pick his/her food up.
  • Maintain physical distance (6ft) from other customers.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching of restaurant surfaces.
  • Restrooms are for customers only and has a maximum of 2 guests at a time.
  • (Recommended) check the menu on your phone instead of holding the actual menu.
  • Paper Menus will be given to customers and should be used one time only.
  • Respect all employees (They’re here to serve you.


  • Lobby maximum capacity is 30 guests.
  • Top maximum capacity is 36 guests.
  • Call ahead to reserve your party. (parties are limited).
  • MINIMUM OF $10 charge/ person will be applied for a party of 10 or more.
  • People in the same party seated at the same table do not have to be six feet apart. All members of the party must be present before seating and hosts must bring the entire party to the table at one time.
  • Member of the party need to wait in their cars until they are all here and their tables are ready.


  • STAY HOME if you’re Sick.
  • Employees will be screened each shift.
  • Proper hand washing with soap for 20 seconds.
  • Always wear a face cover.
  • Wash your face covers.
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Employee should not open cars’ doors.
  • Stay 6 ft away of all other employees (if possible) and customers.
  • Clean and sanitize the waiting area frequently, 6 times/shift, including: (counters, restrooms, waiting seats, door handles, vending machines, registers, pens, and cashier touchscreen).
  • Always refill the soap dispensers in restrooms.
  • Ensure that sanitary facilities stay operational and stocked at all times and provide additional soap and paper towels.
  • Pre-roll utensils in napkins prior to use by customers.
  • Discontinue pre-setting tables with napkins, cutlery, glassware, food ware, etc. These should be supplied individually to customers as needed. Do not leave napkin holders, or other items on tables. 
  • Suspend use of shared food items such as condiment bottles, salt and pepper shakers, etc. and provide these foods in single serve containers.
  • Close game and entertainment areas where customers may share items.
  • Do not leave out after-meal mints, candies, snacks, or toothpicks for customers.
  • You may sell “to-go” alcoholic beverages, prepared drinks, and pre-mixed cocktails provided they are sold and delivered to customers in conjunction with the sale and delivery of a meal/meals.